What exactly does a “prefabricated / modular timber frame house” mean?
A prefabricated modular house is a key-ready house we have built indoors in our factory, where all aspects of construction are carried out with the highest precision and attention to very last detail. The house is delivered to the site as a module. If it’s an Attefallshus, it comes as one module and is 100% ready. In the case of larger buildings we deliver multiple modules which are then quickly connected on site. This saves a lot of time on site and provides the best possible quality for the building. If you’d like to know more about how this works, please contact us.

Do you only manufacture turnkey / fully finished buildings?
Not necessarily. We can also deliver your house partly finished – you can choose to finish the inside yourself and have fun decorating the place.

Do you only build Attefallshus?
Not at all. We manufacture and build all kinds of houses – from Attefallshus and private homes of any size to apartment buildings, schools, kindergartens etc.

Do you only manufacture the models presented on the website?
Not at all. What you see on the website are our first models. We are currently working on other Attefallshus models and larger family homes. You’re always welcome to contact us regarding any idea you might have. We at Matison Enterprise are well-equipped to help with architecture from the very beginning of your project.

What other building methods do you offer?
Timber frame element houses, post beam and laminated log houses.

What is the typical delivery time of an Attefallshus?
In a standard design it takes up to 8 weeks from signing the agreement to the house arriving on site.

Do you deliver houses all across Sweden?
We actually deliver all across the Nordics, as long as transporting the module(s) to your site is possible. Since our houses are built turnkey in our factory, the only obstacle could be transport access – like small islands or high up in the mountains with very narrow roads.

Can you also do groundwork and foundations?
Yes, we can, and we are happy to do it. Matison Enterprise is a genuine construction company with more than 30 qualified construction workers in our team. Please see the Matison Construction section of this website to find out more about our construction work.

What kind of foundations should I use?
We are not bound to any specific kind, but if the ground is without rocks we always suggest you use our screw foundations for Attefallshus. Using them is fast, and it’s possible to drill them down at any time of the year. Please take a look at our Matison Market to see the screws we use.

Where are the houses produced?
Matison Enterprise home production takes place indoors at a state-of-the-art factory in Latvia, with high production safety and in a carefully controlled environment. The factory was established in 1992 and has produced hundreds of beautiful buildings in the Nordics since. Everything from windows and doors to kitchens, wall panels and floors is produced by the same factory.

Are the Attefallshus winter-proof?
Absolutely. All our houses are built airtight and to withstand Nordic winters with ease. They are also very energy efficient.

Can I change the layout of your modules?
You can mirror the layout of our modules at no extra cost and make some minor movements and change details with inner walls as well. Other changes are subject to extra cost.

Do your houses have certificates for bathrooms and electricity installations?
All bathrooms and electricity installations are made in accordance with Swedish construction industry rules.

Can you help me with my municipality permit?
Of course. We’re happy to take care of municipality notifications and any further communication to receive the permit. The municipality fees are paid by the client.

What warranty do you offer?
We provide a 10-year warranty on the construction, windows and doors of all our buildings. Appliance, bathroom porcelain and water heater warranties vary from 1 to 5 years, depending on the manufacturer.

What are the payment terms?
Down payment of 5% is made upon signing the agreement.
Partial payment of 45% is made when starting the manufacturing process. Partial payment of 40% is made before the ready-made house leaves the factory. At this point you receive a full photo portfolio of your manufactured house.
Final payment of 10% is made after the final inspection, which should take place within 5 days after delivery.